5 Things You Need To Have For The Trademark Application

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5 Things You Need To Have For The Trademark Application

When you have decided to apply for a trademark application, there are a number of items that you will need, in order to ensure a successful process. Just about anything is eligible to be trademarked in the modern marketplace, whether it’s a word, phrase, or even your own name. If you are currently considering the idea of applying for a trademark, these are the five most important things that you will need to have at your disposal.

  • The Application Fee

As you might have imagined, trademarks certainly do not come for free. A trademark filing process is far more costly than most realize, especially those who are under the impression that the trademark application is similar to the copyright application process. Application fees for trademarks are substantial and the process is usually quite lengthy. You’ll need to make sure that you have the necessary time and money before deciding to file.

  • A Quality Attorney

The process of filing for a trademark application can be quite confusing and you’ll need a quality attorney, so that you can make sense of it all. While you can certainly conduct the trademark application process on your own, there are a number of requirements and procedures that must be followed that you are probably not aware of. Your attorney can help you navigate these trickier aspects and is well worth the money that you will spend to retain their services.

  • Verification of Dates

To successfully file for a trademark, you’ll have to provide verification of the dates when your mark was first used. Being able to prove that you were the first retailer/creator to use the mark in the United States plays a major role in your ability to seek a registered trademark.

  • A Specimen To Prove Trademark Usage

A specimen has to be provided, so that the usage of your trademark can be evaluated. This specimen needs to show how your trademark is used in the world of commerce, to differentiate the advertising and marketing of your goods from competitors. The specimen is used to demonstrate how the mark is used within the commercial marketplace.

The specimen also must have been used by the date that the application is filed. Examples for specimens involving goods include tags and labels, while examples for specimens that are associated with services include brochures and advertising materials. If you find yourself in such a situation call ip lawyers.

  • Verified Statements

Verified statements regarding your specimen must be provided in order to file for a trademark. Depending on the class of product you are applying to receive a trademark for, there are two different verified statements that you will have to choose from.

If you are experiencing any confusion regarding these required items, be sure to speak with a qualified legal representative as soon as possible, so that they can help you make sense of it all.


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